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5 Must-Have Items for Home Theaters

home theater with big sofa
Building out a great entertainment system can cost thousands of dollars, but you don't have to pay that all at once. Through rent-to-own, you can get a fantastic home theater system by paying for it over time. You can take advantage of cutting-edge technologies while they're still relevant, and trade them in for even better equipment later on.

1. Streaming Systems

Video streaming is now far more popular than cable. Rather than having to watch set channels, you can simply watch video streaming services and select which videos you want to watch on demand. But streaming systems can also cost a hundred dollars or more, and they're always changing. Rather than relying on one for all your needs, you can rent one and see whether it gives you access to everything you want to watch.

2. Game Consoles

Game consoles are no longer for video games. Game consoles have become all-in-one entertainment systems, which include streaming video services and other applications. But game consoles are also released fairly frequently, and they don't always have significant resale value. If you want access to all the systems your friends are playing on, you may want to rent a variety of the newest generation.

3. Surround Sound

Video is only one component of a great home theater. Sound systems are important for making the action feel alive. You can install a surround sound system in your home theater for both movies and music. But a good system will cost thousands of dollars. New smart systems can also adjust themselves on-the-fly depending on what you're watching and can do things such as isolate the sound from speaking so that it's easier to understand movies and videos.
Modern surround systems can be completely wireless, so you don't need to run unsightly wires around your home. But these wireless devices are also substantially more expensive. If you're a renter, you may prefer a system that can easily be moved, and that doesn't have to be hard-wired in.

4. Smart Devices

New smart devices can be used to control all the functions of your home theater. Consider being able to vocally tell your home theater system to dim the lights, turn up the music, or even play a specific video. Smart devices can be used to control essentially anything that's connected to the wireless network, and make using your home theater system a lot easier. There are a number of smart devices, ranging from Google Home to Amazon Alexa.
Smart devices are a relatively new technology, and they're still creating more advanced systems and working out the kinks. If you want to be cutting edge without having to invest a lot of money at the outset, you may want to try them out before you commit to a purchase.

5. An Ultra HD TV

Finally, a 4K, Ultra HD TV is one of the best additions to a home theater room. Videos are now being released and streamed in higher resolutions, and the larger televisions get, the blurrier old formats look. If you're going to get a large television, you need it to be high resolution; otherwise, the videos aren't going to look high quality, they will just look large. A 4K TV is going to be able to show Blu-ray and other advanced formats. 4K televisions are going to have the ideal resolution for many years to come.
Home theater systems are changing dramatically every few years, with larger televisions, better sound systems, and more advanced smart technologies. If you don't want to be left with a bunch of antiquated equipment, it's a good idea to consider rent-to-own. Come down to Stanley's Get It Today for more information.