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6 Benefits of an Electric Fireplace in Your Home

The ambiance and warmth of a natural fire in the home is something you might desire. But you don't have a fireplace or wood stove in your home, and you don't want to go through the costly renovations to put a permanent wood burner in place.

A solution for your home is an electric fireplace. Learn the benefits of this type of heat source for your home.

1. Cost-Effective Heat Source

An electric fireplace costs pennies per hour to operate and effectively heats a room with ease, depending on the size of the unit you install and how much square footage you heat. You can use an electric fireplace in addition to your other heat source for your home or use the appliance as a stand-alone heat source. On average, an electric fireplace costs less than $2 per eight hours of use to operate.

2. Safety

Fireplace fires are an expensive and dangerous concern. There are over 25,000 chimney fires reported in the US every year. Since an electric fireplace doesn't require any wood or actual flame to burn — the electric version uses artificial flames and a heating element to warm your home — you get the benefit of a fire without worrying about burning your property down.

3. Control

One of the largest benefits of an electric fireplace over a classic wood burner is this: you control how hot your electric fireplace gets. You receive a remote control to manage when the appliance is turned on as well as have the ability to adjust the heating temperature within the unit. The only way to control the heat from a traditional fireplace is to use less wood or a damper.

4. Cost-Effective Installation

Professionals install electric fireplaces in two main ways: the conversion of a traditional fireplace to an electric variety, or the installation of a new electric fireplace entirely. What makes an electric fireplace so easy to install is its design; all you have to do is plug the unit in where you wish to use it. No home renovations are required to install this decorative heating alternative.

Depending on the style of electric fireplace you desire and how you use the unit — you can install an electric fireplace in an existing home wall or leave the unit as a stand-alone heat source — you can spend as much or as little as you want on an electric fireplace. To free up your budget, you can rent-to-own an electric fireplace at your local appliance leasing store.

5. Beauty

While you can't rely on an electric fireplace to heat your entire home, you can use the unit to add beauty and comfort to a single room. For a small home upgrade, consider putting an electric fireplace in a common gathering area, such as your dining or living room. You can choose from many styles of electric fireplaces, all of which offer gentle warmth and a pretty glow to your living space.

6. Air Quality

Electric fireplaces don’t give off smoke or use gas, so air quality is not affected when you use this type of heat source. If anyone in your family has breathing issues related to allergies or asthma that keep you from having a traditional wood or gas fireplace, consider an electric fireplace alternative.

Electric fireplaces have many benefits, and you can find the right one for you. You can purchase smaller units to heat various rooms in your home or a single large electric fireplace for a main room.  For your appliance purchase or leasing needs, rely on our services at Stanley's Get It Today. Our friendly associates will help you select an ideal electric fireplace for your home today.