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Signs You're Ready fora New Couch

Broken Couch
Like everything in your home, your couch has a lifespan: couches typically last up to 15 years but may reach replacement age sooner if they get ample use or if you have many people in the home - kids and pets can be hard on furniture in general.
You love your cozy couch but you might be ready to replace the unit for a newer, more modern piece - you can rent-to-own a piece of furniture you'll love that won't break your budget; speak to an appliance specialist to learn what your purchasing options are for a new sofa. Here are signs you're ready for a new couch.
Your Couch Sags
As couches age, the frames (often made of wood) and springs that make up the inner structure of the furniture start to become less supportive. The end result is a sad-looking couch that dips down in the middle.
Not only is a couch that sags unsightly, the furniture is also uncomfortable: sitting at odd angles or feeling like you've been pitched forward when you try to lie down can make your couch less than welcoming. Purchase a new couch with a solid framework in a streamlined design to bring you years of enjoyment and comfort, and toss your old couch to the curb.
Your Couch Is Toxic
Couches that are decades-old can be toxic. The reason why is simple: the flame retardant chemicals used in older sofas and other furnishings never fade away and can actually make your family sick (particularly the very old or very young).
The flame retardants in your older furnishings (consider the safety of your chairs, loveseats, and other upholstered furniture as well) have been linked to obesity, infertility, and other serious health problems in people and animals.
If your couch is very old, regardless of its condition, it may be toxic to you and your family. Get rid of your questionable furnishing and replace it with a modern - and healthy - couch or sectional set.
Your Couch Is Faded
Over time, sunlight coming through your windows does great damage to your upholstered furniture, including your couch. The sun bleaches your couch of its original color. Turn your couch cushions over and compare the richness of the bottom sides of your cushions to the exposed areas of your couch: the uneven fading on your furniture is a sign that you are ready for a new couch.
Your Couch Is Destroyed
Cushions should not be flat, upholstery should not be torn, and springs should not be easily felt underneath your body. Your couch should not send up dust and debris when you sit down, have noticeable stains or odors, or have completely worn-out legs or arms.
No matter how comfortable your couch may be, allowing an old and destroyed piece of furniture to remain in your home can take away from the appeal of the rest of your living area.
As mentioned above, you can rent-to-own a new couch. There are many benefits to renting furniture (and appliances) for ownership, including:
  • Affordable payment plans
  • Wider brand selection
  • Upgrades (upon approval)
Your rent-to-own furniture specialist will show you different contract time-frames and terms to meet your budget and your current credit status if applicable.
When you receive your new couch, make sure to keep the furniture away from direct sunlight and cover the arms and back with decorative throws when not in use. These maintenance measures will allow you to keep your couch in a beautiful condition for longer.
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