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The Money-Saving Value of Having a High-Efficiency Washer

Now more than ever, people are discovering the many benefits of high-efficiency appliances. Here are a few of the ways a high-efficiency washing machine can save you money:
  • Smaller utility bills: ENERGY STAR® washing machines use significantly less energy and water than conventional washing machines.
  • Less detergent: Because these machines clean your laundry so efficiently, you don’t have to buy detergent as often.
  • Faster drying time: High-efficiency washers extract more water during the spin cycle than traditional models do, so you spend less money (and time) running your dryer.
  • Longer laundry life: These washing machines tumble the laundry instead of agitating it, so there is less stress on your fabrics. Plus, you can get an effective wash with cold water, so colors stay bright. Your favorite clothes get clean, look great, and last longer.
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