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Top Four Reasons to Get a 4K TV

4K TVs are an ultra high definition television system that has a substantially higher image resolution than standard TVs. They represent the latest in technological advancement and have a better contrast ratio and richer colors, which means that the image is more realistic. Learn more about why you should get a 4K TV:
More Detail
Pictures in 4K TV have more detail and greater sharpness. You are able to see more of an image and fewer jagged edges or visible pixel structures.
Improved Image Depth
Because there are extra pixels in 4K TVs, the pictures appear deeper. Finer detail is rendered, which makes you feel like you are able to see further into an image before a flattening effect occurs.
Better Color Handling
Color blends are rendered with more subtlety because of the extra pixels in the TV. There is much less likelihood of seeing striping or blocking, making the images appear more realistic, even to the point of looking like 3D pictures.
Supports Bigger TVs
The trend in TV ownership has been to possess a large TV. With a standard TV, weaknesses can be easily spotted in the source material and in the screen’s pixel structure. However, with 4K being so high in quality, large 4K TV screens are now nearly flawless.
4K TVs have become increasingly popular. Call Stanley's Get It Today to read more reasons you should get a 4K TV.