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What Else to Get When Buying a Mattress

You should invest a lot of time in purchasing a mattress since it's what you'll be sleeping on every night for years. Once you've selected a mattress, however, the job of finding new bedding isn't over. You need to get several additional items when you buy a mattress.
Here are the most important must-haves that you should look for after choosing a mattress.
A Box Spring
A box spring provides a flat, sturdy surface to rest a mattress on. While not absolutely necessary, a box spring can help extend the life of your mattress by supporting it properly. The box spring will have the additional benefit of elevating your mattress, so you'll have an easier time getting in and out of bed.
If you want to replace your mattress, you should also replace your box spring. The springs inside the box spring wear out over time.
A Bed Frame or Bedroom Set
A bed frame's primary function is to elevate your bed off of the floor. Getting your mattress and box spring a few inches above the floor has several benefits:
  • The space under the bed can be used for storage.
  • Any insects or rodents on the floor are less likely to climb onto your bed.
  • Any cold drafts from below the floor won't cool off your bed.
Keeping under-floor drafts from cooling off your bed is especially helpful if your bedroom is on the first floor, where a basement or crawl space underneath can leak cool air into the bedroom.
Bed frames don't wear out like mattresses and box springs, but they can be damaged. You should occasionally check your bed frame for dents or warps. If there are any, purchase a new bed frame along with your new mattress. If your current bed frame is in good condition, you don't need to get a new bed frame unless your new mattress is a different size than your old one was.
If you want to update your bedroom when you buy your new mattress, look for a whole new bedroom set. These sets typically include headboards, dressers, vanities, mirrors, and bedside tables. While a new mattress provides comfort, a new bedroom set makes your entire room feel fresh, which can make spending time in your room more enjoyable.
A Mattress Cover
Mattress covers go under sheets to protect the top of a mattress; sheets themselves offer little protection. Covers come in all sizes, and some are waterproof, while others are merely absorbent.
If you purchased a mattress cover some time ago, consider getting one for your new mattress. Any old mattress covers you have may have holes or be covered in stains and other signs of age. A new one will provide better protection for your new investment.
New Bedding
The mattress, box spring, bed frame, and mattress cover will all be covered by sheets, blankets, and perhaps a dust ruffle. With a completely new mattress and bedroom set, you can complete the bedroom refresh with different sheets or all-new bedding accessories. Many home goods stores sell bedding sets that include pillow covers, sheets, dust ruffles, and a comforter, or you can mix and match by purchasing each part separately. 
Make sure the new sheets you pick out can accommodate the size of your new mattress. Measure the height of the mattress or ask the salesperson how tall the mattress is, and get sheets that match the measurements. Sheets that are deeper than your mattress will go on without an issue, but those that are shallower than the mattress won't fit properly.
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